Janice Daniels at MiCPAC -Freedom Summit Pictures


Troy, MI
Janice Daniels with Kevin Jackson from Fox News
Janice Daniels at the Freedom Summit in Troy, MI. She is posing with Darwin Jiles Jr, Michigan GOP Ethnic Vice Chair
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The Death of America-35 Years in the Making-Part 3


Part 3 of the interview with Dick Manasseri on the Refugee Resettlement Plan
You can watch part one of the interview here: http://janicedaniels.com/the-death-of-america-35-years-in-the-making-part-1/
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USA Patriot Act-Janice Daniels’ Comments and Concerns


It is with growing concern that I sense that the fundamental constitutional clamps on governmental power are being eroded inch by inch with every single piece of regulatory legislation that is being forced these days upon a mostly unsuspecting citizenry.
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