Where Does Rep. David Trott Stand On Life?


Why is Life Not an Important Issue for Trott?
Please listen to my Two Minute Warning and share with friends and family who feel that Life is valuable enough, at the very least to have a position on our representatives website!
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Janice Daniels says Fire Congressman David Trott!


Rep. Dave Trott represents special interests, not us!
David Trott-The Non Representative
The reason why David Trott should be fired is because he is a Crony Capitalist.
He always has and always will be working for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac rather than for the people back home. Why
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USA Patriot Act-Janice Daniels’ Comments and Concerns


It is with growing concern that I sense that the fundamental constitutional clamps on governmental power are being eroded inch by inch with every single piece of regulatory legislation that is being forced these days upon a mostly unsuspecting citizenry.
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Rep. David Trott and the Media’s Responsibility


David Trott Voting Record is Questioned
Janice Daniels has been waiting over a month for a response to her questions concerning Representative David Trott’s voting record. She and many constituents of Michigan’s 11th Congressional District would like to know if he has bothered to read the billsRead more…