Planned Parenthood Protest-Aug. 22, 2015


Part 2-Interview with the Fabulous Freedom Fighter, KrisAnne Hall!


Mayor Janice Daniels and the Ladies of the Roundtable continue their conversation with KrisAnne
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Mayor Janice Daniels posts regularly on all social media and her blog.

May 14-Lake Orion


Independence Township Conservatives
meeting 7 pm
Thursday May 14, 2015
Canterbury Village
located at 2369 Joslyn Court, Lake Orion, MI 48360
Janice Daniels will be discussing how the Constituent Guidelines for Effective Constitutional Government project can be used to hold state level
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Repeal Prevailing Wages


Do you want to help your public servants find money to FIX OUR ROADS?
Here's the way to do it – Repeal Prevailing Wage!
Did you know that “Studies have consistently shown $250 million can be saved on state and school construction by repealing Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Act”?
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