Janice Daniels says Fire Congressman David Trott!


Rep. Dave Trott represents special interests, not us!
David Trott-The Non Representative
The reason why David Trott should be fired is because he is a Crony Capitalist.
He always has and always will be working for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac rather than for the people back home. Why
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Repeal PA 166 of 1965 The Prevailing Wage on State Projects Act-Part II


Let's Repeal Michigan's Prevailing Wage Law
The misleading argument that prevailing wages “help the working class”
ON May 27, 2015, in support of prevailing wages, Mr. Patrick Gleason, the legislative director of the Michigan Building and Construction Trades
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I will be listing websites/blogs of people I consider to be "Great Thinkers" because I believe great ideas and philosophies should be shared. In the future, I will also be sharing links to books, elected officials and resources that will help you share your great ideas!
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Two Minute Warning – Legislative Malfeasance


Legislative Malfeasance and political accountability
I wanted to conduct the due diligence that we the people should be able to expect of our public servants when they are pushing new legislation upon us.
So, with regard to the eight pieces of legislation recently passed by the Michigan House
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Janice Daniels vs. Troy City Council


Blasting all the sacred cows and cowboys
Janice Daniels held nothing back when she spoke in front of the Troy City Council in March of 2011. She called them out for using scare tactics to increase taxes on the citizens of Troy. She also demanded they take their fiduciary responsibilities
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