The Questions I Would Ask MI-Dist 11 Public Servant Rep. David Trott If He Would Ever Meet with Me


Rep. David Trott:

Are you willing to sign an affidavit certifying that you are personally reading bills in their entirety before you vote in favor of them?

Do you believe that legislators are holding allegiance to their Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States if they don’t really know what unconstitutional burdens they might be placing upon the citizens of this country when they don’t personally read and completely understand each and every bill that they vote in favor of?

As a successful businessman working closely within the private lending industry, with the personal knowledge and business acumen to understand the crushing weight of the unneeded, anti-free market regulatory legislative nightmare that is Dodd/Frank, what action are you sponsoring to repeal the Dodd/Frank legislation in its entirety to stop the nationalization of our American financial markets?

Have you proposed any action to rein in the president in his unconstitutional usurpation of authority as you said you would like to do in a recorded meeting with your constituents on December 17, 2014?

Now that you are a member of the House Judiciary Committee are you preparing legislative action to impeach the president with his massive misuse of executive orders and his treasonous actions of trading an alleged American military deserter for five high-level Islamic terrorists without the authorization of Congress?  You told us you could do that.

Do you believe that the Republicans in District 11 voted for you to go to Washington to defy the Republican majority by being only one of 75 House Republicans to vote in favor of HR 240, the funding for the controversial and potentially unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security?  Especially when chances are you did not even read the bill?

How much damage was done to your stated goal of defunding amnesty after you voted in favor of HR 240 to fund the Department of Homeland Security after the amendments to prevent the funding for various amnesty provisions were stripped out of the bill in the Senate?

Did you fully consider the “unintended consequences” of voting in favor of massive unreadable bills such as HR 240?  Remember you did tell us that you were concerned about the unintended consequences of legislation.

Can you justify having voted in favor of HR 749 that funded the inefficient, costly, heavily taxpayer subsidized Amtrak system? Did you read the bill?

Would your Republican constituents in District 11 be better served if you would focus on working with Republican House Representatives such as Justin Amash on some Liberty issues, rather than going on television talking about your new friendship with Democrat Representative Brenda Lawrence and your desire to work with her on “transportation issues”?

Do you know that by voting to “tweak” Obamacare, as you did when you voted in favor of HR 30 the so-called Save American Workers Act of 2015 you, in effect, legitimized Obamacare and are potentially setting up the American people for 100 years of endless amendments and adjustments and revisions to yet another senseless, anti-free market legislation that never was read and that should be repealed in its entirety?

Did you read the 31 pages of HR 527 the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act and the multiple Sections of the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974, or the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, or Section 601 of Title 5, 13 USC, or Section 603 of Title 5, 21 USC or Section 604 of Title 5, 6 USC that are referenced or amended in only the first 4 pages of HR 527, before voting in favor of it, and then advertising it as an action to “reduce ineffective and inefficient federal rules and help create more jobs in Southeastern Michigan and throughout the nation”?

When you talked about “creating more jobs” in your Facebook post of February 5, 2015, were you possibly referring to the additional bureaucrats that will have to be hired to manage this new legislation called HR 527 and all of the previous legislation it amended?

How do your multiple votes for massive unreadable pieces of legislation, in just these first three months of your freshman term as a public servant, comport with your stated desire to “rein in the bureaucrats?”

Do you agree that in order to have a true contextual understanding of the potential legislative burdens that might be placed on the American people, legislators should be compelled to read all bills and every amended piece of legislation that is ever referenced in a bill before voting in favor of it?

I’m just asking …



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