Honorable Representative David Trott – MIA


I have been emailing and phone calling our Honorable Representative David Trott (representing Michigan’s 11th congressional district) and his office for over two months now, asking for a meeting to which he agreed to hold prior to his swearing in ceremony.

Maybe now that he is a duly sworn-in representative from the great State of Michigan, he is just too busy to meet with his concerned constituents.  I wonder?

I noticed that according to Conservative Review, he has a 67 percent conservative rating, which isn’t good considering the fact that he has only been in office for 2 months and the rating is only based upon three votes. https://www.conservativereview.com

Worse than that, the one vote that Conservative Review is giving him a “thumbs up” for is the terribly convoluted HR 240 that funds the terribly unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security.

That said, I do have some good news, and reason to thank Honorable Representative David Trott because on February 9, 2015, he did sign on to the Audit the Fed bill introduced by Kentucky’s 4th District Congressman Thomas Massie. http://massie.house.gov/press-release/press-release-us-representative-massie-introduces-bill-audit-federal-reserve

I still want my special Valentine’s Day wish to have our meeting scheduled soon.

Please call Rep. Trott’s office at 1 (202) 225-8171 and ask his Chief of Staff Jennifer Gorski just when Honorable Representative David Trott plans on meeting with Janice Daniels and her brave group of concerned constituents!

Thanks for doing your part to hold our representative to his Oath of Office, to his word and to his legislative blueprint.

… and, Happy Valentine’s Day xxoo



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