Whacha Gonna Do When They Come For You?


The world is on fire.  We all know it.  We all see it.  And many of us opine about it, from positions of great knowledge to positions of great conjecture. 

Reading through the Watchers Council posts yesterday (August 18, 2014) at www.trevorloudon.com regarding the Ferguson Incident-turned-Indictment; I read that the Ferguson police overreacted due to due inexperience and lack of professionalism (The Razor).

I wondered if I missed something by refusing to watch the blow-by-blow gory details hyperbolating all over the media these past few days so I looked up the Ferguson Police Department to get some specifics on the level of training and preparedness these men in blue (turned camouflaged) actually have.

Of course with a typical Patriot’s somewhat jaundiced eye towards the veracity of the press in general, I always try to take Wikipedia posts with the same air of cautious optimism that I hold for all things written (and half of what I see, for that matter).  So, it is with the same conjecture that these “facts” are indeed facts, I quote:

The City of Ferguson’s Police Department numbers 82 personnel including 54 commissioned officers and 20 civilian support staff. The officers are all police academy graduates and are certified peace officers by the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Three supervisors as well as the Chief are graduates of the FBI National Academy. Many officers have bachelors or advanced degrees. All officers participate in advanced continuous training in numerous areas of law enforcement.

In addition to uniform patrol officers and criminal investigation detectives, the department is supplemented with a K-9 officer, bicycle patrol, traffic unit, a fugitive apprehension team, and a team of officers assigned directly to residential areas. The department has its own correctional facility, maintains evidence and property, and on-site indoor firearms range.

The department’s relationship with the community is enhanced by commitment of personnel to the positions of Community Relations, Business Liaison, N.E.T., DARE, and School Resource Officers.

I’m unsure as to just what to expect from our local men in camouflage these days but I tend to read the above as sufficient training for that department to guard my street as well as write me tickets (I pray that they don’t have to do either).

In the same post I read that American society has grown less violent … hmmm.  I would certainly like to believe that to be true; in fact I would opine that the “American society” has always been inherently non-violent, except in those rare cases when, say, a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism (the kind spoken of in The Declaration of Independence) that led to The American Revolution.   Or, say when slavery (and state’s rights) became too objectionable to the Powers-That-Were in America’s (at the time) seedling Big Government Complex that brought about The Civil War.

But it isn’t “American society” that I fear necessarily.  It is the absolute unmistakable present day invasion of the world’s violent masses upon American society and the absolute unmistakable present day Balkanization of American legal and illegal society that I fear.  It is the non-stop, excessive, fantastical violence portrayed on our present day visual media that I fear.  It is the tyrannical treachery of our present day Huge Government-Gone-Despotic that I fear.

Maybe I am being naïve but I still have this sense that our local law enforcement types from the County Sheriff on down are actually there to protect us; they are the friends that we should not wish to piss off by calling them our enemies.  Now, trust me, I love Liberty much more than I do security, but when they come for me, I want my Thin Blue Line to be better armed that the people who would entirely destroy western civilization if given the chance to do so.



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