Logically Speaking, Let’s Get Emotional


Wouldn’t you know it, caring is the central political issue according to David Horowitz in Go For The Heart:  How Republicans Can Win.  That’s the name of his little red book that should become a big red (read Republican) movement for electoral success before it is too late. http://go4theheart.org

Even in the real estate industry the successful sales person recognizes that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” which actually flies in the face of logic.  It would seem that the more you know the better the job you could do.  I know, that’s very Republican of me to say.  I need to get used to it, emotion trumps logic once again.

To make matters even more complicated, according to the late wizard of advertising, Mr. David Ogilvy (God rest his soul), “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.  When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Oligvy Brainy Quotes

In other words, unless you can grab a person by the heart with a short by-line you cannot get them to visit the facts.  Actually, even if you do grab them by the heart don’t bother trying to get most people to visit facts.  For some reason, many of us just are not interested in research or records or pie charts or positions; we just want to know that you care.

Care?  Care about what, you ask.  Therein lies the seven trillion dollar deficit question.  Do people care about the truth?  Do they care about history?  Do they care about economies, or national security or honest politicians?  Based upon a study of voting patterns it would seem not.  I mean, really, if people cared about these types of things, would they have twice elected barack hussein obama to the highest office in the once free world?

It seems many people only care about the answer to the question: What’s in it for me, or will I get my social security check on time? Will the pot hole in front of my driveway be fixed?  Does my Internet connection work?  Do I really have to exercise? Can I get extra fries with that burger?

Quite frankly, this is a rather sad expression of the times in which we live.  Americans have had it so good for so long that we seem to have forgotten (or maybe never learned) that until you have lived through real tragedy it is very difficult to see that much of what we spend our days focusing upon really doesn’t matter much at all.  In fact, even after having lived through some real tragedy, I still find myself worrying about that skin tag on the left side of my neck, as if it matters one whit to the survival of the free world or the safety of our beloved country, which I really do care about.

You get the picture.  We are all victims of living the good life.  We do know that poverty in America isn’t like poverty in say, Mozambique or Haiti or Afghanistan.  And talk about complaining … Americans seem to be the biggest complainers on the face of the earth with the least amount of real trouble to complain about … I’m not complaining, mind you.  It just doesn’t seem logical.

So, how do we capture the emotions of the average American and expose the democrat lie that “Republicans don’t care about people?  I mean if truth be told, according to IRS reporting, Republicans are, hands down, more charitable than democrats in reality … just not in perception Study: Red States More Charitable.

And, if truth be told again, Republicans are generally too nice (or too … well, let’s leave it at too nice), to use the word LIE when talking about democrats as I just did in the preceding paragraph.  But calling democrats LIARS is exactly the truth and that is exactly what Republicans must do to win elections.  As David Horowitz stated, “The way we can beat the democrats is by turning their guns around … it’s about fighting fire with fire” http://go4theheart.org/horowitz-speech-and-video/.

That seems easier said than done.  The above link is a video of David Horowitz speaking at an Americans for Prosperity conference in September of 2013 about this subject.  That was almost one full year ago and I haven’t heard many Republicans using fire against democrats yet. Oh, and it isn’t that Republicans don’t know how to use fire; indeed they do.

It should still be fresh in our minds what Sen. thad cochran did in June of 2014 to scorch Rep. Chris McDaniel’s chances in the primary election in Mississippi. breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/06/30/Democrat-Pastor-Accuses-Thad-Cochran-Campaign-Of-Vote-For-Pay-Scheme And in Michigan’s 3rd District you should have seen the extent to which establishment Republicans went after pro-liberty sitting Rep. Justin Amash in his primary election this month.  The negative advertising was so shameful that you would have thought that Rep. Amash was running against some kind of cruel socialist communist propagandist instead of a fellow Republican Rebel-Leader-Justin-Amash-Wins-Big-In-Michigan.

So maybe the better question is, “How do we stop demoralizing the base and start demoralizing the opposition”?  We have a little less that three months to get it right “emotionally speaking” before this next important election, which Republicans should win, logically speaking.



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