The Disgrace In The White House


Call me old-fashioned if you will but it seems to me that there should be certain minimum standards of behavior for a President of the United States, and this man barrack hussein obama is sliding headlong into depths of disgraceful behavior that wouldn’t even qualify for the minimum standards required for an entry level customer service representative in a local fast food restaurant.

How many behind-the-counter “food ambassadors” would long get away with telling their bosses, their customers or their co-workers to “sue me for doing my job,” (that is, if in fact, they were “doing their job” miserably)?  Quite frankly, even if they were doing their job well, that kind of taunting, disrespectful attitude could be grounds for serious reprimand if not outright dismissal.  But from our President, it’s disgraceful.

And for that matter, he is NOT “doing his job.”  In the big picture, his “job” is to enforce the laws of the land (which he regularly flaunts); his “job” is to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (he appears to have zero interest in our constitution other than to shred it). His “job” is to be a respectful ambassador of these United States of America; showing allegiance to our friends and strength in opposing our enemies (the world is on fire and we seem to have little control over any of it); and to be an effective Commander in Chief to our armed services (he is firing our military leaders, leaving our Marine in a Mexican jail, releasing the world’s most dangerous enemies back on to the battlefield and weakening our core defenses at every turn). As if this disgraceful big picture isn’t bad enough, even in the little things, this man is a disgrace.

Having grown up in a home with a pool table in the basement, I actually can and like to shoot a game of pool once in a while, and when the opportunity affords itself, I have been known to put a few quarters in a table at a local tavern, but I’m nowhere near being responsible for managing the national crises of the day.  For barrack hussein obama to have allowed himself to be seen, let alone photographed shooting pool in Colorado while our southern border is under massive foreign invasion might be almost as outrageous as his use of a pen and a phone to destroy the constitutional checks and balances of power.  For this so-called Commander In Chief not to consider this invasion an actual act of war is disgraceful.

As unfortunate as all this is disgraceful, I guess “it’s just another power thing! x” … but America deserves better, much better than this.




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